RPG A Day 2015 – Day Twenty One

Favourite RPG Setting…

Ermmmm Dragonlance is a bit of an easy one here as would Star Wars given how it’s largely built into my DNA.

Those 2 aside though there aren’t any settings that have grabbed me and encouraged me to become immersed in the lore and such like – except for one and that will be my pick.

Battletech’s universe is of interest to me and I do wish I had the time to delve deeper in to the various stories that surround the glory of House Davion (bias mine) but I don’t have or haven’t made the time to do that.

I first played a Battletech RPG with the old Mechwarrior 1st Edition RPG ran by my friend Gordon who shared an interest in the setting although not the miniatures game.  It was a lethal game and the mechanics were a bit odd in places.

Fast forward to now and you have A Time Of War – Battletech RPG which is a lovely book but again the mechanics are a bit odd.  I’ve ran it a couple of times and it was a lot of fun but I think the lore can get in the way unless the party are mercenaries as then the House/Clan factions get less in the way.

So yeah, in the interests of diversity I’m going to pick A Time Of War.