RPG A Day 2015 – Day Twenty

Favourite Horror RPG…

As a reminder, I don’t really do horror.

That said if I had to choose one it’d be All Flesh Must Be Eaten.

Having used it for different sorts of games but keeping an undead element I think it works really well in general.  The archetypes in the base game + expansions give anyone the opportunity to be a Survivor and it is the way these archetypes are built and the mechanics around them are used that stick with me.

Almost 2 years ago I wrote a post about Character Motivations (jeez, 2 years!?) and that references a scenario I ran using AFMBE.  The key thing to remember is that I could have removed the undead element from the scenario and yet I still would have chosen AFMBE as the system as it’s gritty and deadly enough to match the scenario itself.

Other Horror games I’ve played –

  • Call of Cthulhu – Not my thing…
  • Chill – MANY moons ago and I really can’t remember it.
  • Savage Worlds – Rippers which is horror genre but not really a scary game to run or play. Feels more “pulp horror” than anything else but then again that’s Savage Worlds to a tee.
  • Unknown Armies – A game which I could only scratch the surface with and similarly used for an X-Files-esque scenario.

I never played any of the World Of Darkness games of either iteration but had been tempted to pick up the core book for it when they relaunched as New World Of Darkness as I think mechanically it’s pretty sound.  Again though, I don’t really do horror…