RPG A Day 2015 – Day Twenty Two

Perfect Gaming Environment.

I don’t think I have one… by that I mean I’ve gamed in public, at conventions, at clubs, in stores and at home.  None of these are any less perfect than any other so long as the game is working and the players are having fun.

There are things that any gaming environment needs to avoid though, some of which go back to barriers of entry that I’ve referenced in the past on this blog.

In a nut shell though what I want from a gaming environment is –

  • Space to play with reasonable comfort zone around me and the other players (i.e. not crammed in).
  • Noise levels low enough to not get in the way of any chat or indeed game narrative.  Plus given I’m a wearer of hearing aids noise can make things difficult…
  • Facilities to utilise close by, so that’s food / drink / toilets etc.
  • People to play with of course.
Beyond that I’m happy playing anywhere, yes anywhere.

Although I won’t dress up for it. Ever.