Pre UK Games Expo 2016 Thoughts

So Thursday sees the return of UK Games Expo which this year is bigger than ever and is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary.

Those who’ve been with the blog for some time may recall that I went last year (see here, here, here, here and ultimately here for info) and thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

This year I plan to approach it in a similar way to last year.  No events booked and treat it like a gamers holiday where I’ll float about, chill out, play the odd game, buy some stuff and of course have a few drinks with friends (real and virtual).

That said… I will be doing at least 2 things different from last year.

My previous post about RPGLifeUK is one of those things.

The other is that they’ve introduced Seminars, or more precisely Seminars I’m interested in.

Namely – Hall One Events – 14.00 Teaching with Games:
How are games used to teach and learn? Games Jams, boardgames sessions and design are increasingly used in universities around the UK to help the next generation of games developers explore gaming. Come and find out how games help us learn, what academics are getting up to in various universities around the country, and where you can learn games design! 

Dr Esther MacCallum-Stewart is joined by Douglas Brown, Brian McDonald, Patrick Morrison and James Wallis.

This is similar in context to a seminar I went to at Gen Con but different enough to pique my interest. Also helped by the inclusion of the phrase  “Game Jams” as there’s been some chat about those at ENT of late.

So expect some sort of post-UK Games Expo assessment of how the event has progressed in 12 months.  I suspect the split-site element may bug me a little but let’s see.

If you’re there then pop along to the RPG Life UK meetup if you can and say hi.