Dry Wipe Notebook

So there were a few things I was looking for when at Gen Con that I didn’t buy largely because I actually didn’t find precisely what I wanted.

Amongst that list was something I only realised I wanted after playing in the Atomic Robo.  Mike was using what is called a WipeBook – essentially it’s a dry-erasable pad.

So after asking Mike where he got it from I looked for it at Gen Con but it wasn’t available at any of the booths.  When looking into getting one for myself I came across the usual challenge of buying something overseas – shipping…

So at first I decided “Oh well.” and forgot all about it but since then I got to thinking – “Surely I could make one myself?”

So I have.

  • 1 pack of A4 160gsm card.
  • 1 set of Staedtler whiteboard dry wipe pens.
  • 1 pack of laminating pouches (well I already had this and the laminator).
  • 1 binder to put them in.

To mix it up a bit I used some of the PDF templates from Incompetech to create Hex, Square and Lined sheets and went about printing and laminating the card.

Final result –

I’ve still to use it properly but I can see me using it instead of squared paper and blank paper to draw maps (not to scale!) and other short term items in games.
I also hope to use it for brain dump stuff that can be wiped in future once they’ve been blogged or otherwise.