So today is the 19th September which means that it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Why is this relevant to tabletop games?  Well in reality it’s not but why ignore such a prestigious event when it can be turned into a blog post about Pirates in games?

Pirates are iconic archetypes for practically all formats of tabletop games.

RPG wise there’s a LOT of Pirate fuelled material that can be played including complete settings for Pirate games.  Green Ronin Publishing really kicked off their existence thanks to Freeport which was a scenario released for D&D 3rd Edition and I remember picking it up at the same time as my copy of the Players Handbook at GenCon UK in Manchester in 2000.

Wargame wise there are too many to mention, the stand out one is Warmachine which has a steampunk pirate vibe.  It’s published by Privateer Press who themselves have a bit of Pirate vibe going on. As I say there are many more Pirate fuelled wargames.

There are no Pirate board or card games – is a lie.  BoardGameGeek has a filter showing in the region of 600 such games. I am not going to list them all!  I would however be happy to recommend Pirate Fluxx if you’re looking for something light and silly to play.

CCG wise there are no (current) Pirate themed games, at least none that I’m aware of at any rate.  If you know of one that’s currently in print then please let me know in the comments.

What else is out there?