Tumbleweed (1d4-1 damage)

It’s been almost a month since my last post.   Jeez.

Sorry about that folks.  A number of things conspired against me but mostly it was down to work consuming more and more of my time.

Brief run down on what’s been happening –

International Tabletop Day – As mentioned in the last post the club I attend are hosting this.  We’ve been working on the format of the day over the past couple of weeks and it has a decidedly mini-convention feel about it.  Not entirely sure it’s what people are wanting though as a lot of the club members seem to be happy to do “more of the same” rather than use this as an opportunity to try something different.

Friday Night Gaming – This has continued strongly with more Board Gaming and another session of Star Wars.  Haven’t as yet managed to do anything with D&D Next though.

Other Night Gaming – Nowt so far.  The St Andrews group seems to be struggling to find a suitable venue.  If nothing develops there I’ll start to do my own investigations as I’m sure there are options, albeit they might not suit everyone (public gaming specifically).

GenCon! – Tickets Booked – Check.  Accommodation Booked – Check.  Flights Booked – Check. Deserves a proper post really and I’ll endeavour to do one but all systems are go for this.  I also have my 2 travelling companions of +Greg Barr and +Liz Mackie which ramps up the excitement levels.  Next step is the events themselves when they become available for booking in May.

Battletech: Alpha Strike – I actually have post sitting in draft that I never finished.  I’ll try and get that up in the next few days.

Work has helped me to progress one of my objectives though as I paid a visit to Fan Boy 3 in Manchester a couple of weeks back.  Excellent shop for all things tabletop and I might do a separate post on them again.

So I think that’s you all brought back up to speed.  Hopefully it won’t be so long next time!