The first East Neuk Tabletop Games session.

I should have done this post on April the 13th itself but unfortunately it’s taken til now for me to get around to it!

So on Sunday April the 13th, Alan (+donjondo) and I hosted the first of hopefully many events under the banner of East Neuk Tabletop Games.

So how did it go?

It went really well.  We had more people than either of us reasonably expected to get and whilst most of the attendees were people we each knew there were some who had heard either through the grape vine or indeed through the flyers that had been distributed.

Games played were – Pandemic, Sentinels Of The Multiverse, Zombie Dice, Zombies!!!, Quicksand, Hey, That’s My Fish and several other games that I can’t remember.

All in all people had fun and want to come and play again.  That first meet (or moot?!) of ENT Games was completed and deemed a success!

If you’re reading this and you happen to be near #Anstruther or indeed the #EastNeuk in general then do get in touch.

We’re trying to bring together what appears to be a relatively strong but fragmented community of gamers and so far we’re really only finding the board/card gamers.  There will be others that we haven’t found yet, after all we’ve kinda thrown this together in the space of a few weeks.

Our next meet up is Sunday the 18th May and whilst that causes me some challenges (It clashes with the Event Registration for GenCon….) I am thoroughly looking forward to it.