That 100th Post

100th Post but not 100th Day as there were 2 on my birthday.

So to do this properly I’ll be be splitting this into a duologue on the 100th post and 100th day.

This post is more of an overall status check of how things are going in the world of A 2nd Chapter.  Tomorrow’s post is a little lighter.

So how are we doing?  I refer my esteemed audience to this post here from 23rd July 2013 where I ask “What’s the point?”

Talking about the hobby – Yep I’ve done a fair bit of that over the last 100 posts and I think I’m really only scratching the surface on a lot of the topics that I’ve covered and of course there are many more topics that I have yet to cover.
To turn it around though – what haven’t I covered that you think needs a bit more discussion about the hobby as a whole?

Broadening my hobby – Well I’m playing games and I’m posting a fair bit about how I see my hobby developing and growing with some luck.  The key struggle here is finding more opportunities to play games, something I keep trying to move forward but so far no such luck.

Talking about hobby ideas – Less posts here than I’d like and if there was an additional objective for the blog it’d be to post more of my ideas.  The trouble here, I suspect, is that most of my thinking for the blog falls into the other 2 categories.

So overall, the blog is active and it’s continuing to act as a way for me to express my thoughts on the hobby, my hobby and (if less so) my ideas.