Tabletop Tech

So, I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 + Bluetooth keyboard that doubles as a hard case for it.

The main reason for this sounds a bit silly and a bit of an extravagance but…
I wanted a tablet which I could take to Gen Con with me so that I didn’t need to take my laptop.  Yes that’s right I’ve spent in the region of £250 on a piece of tech to cover a week in the states.  It does also mean I’ll be able to blog when I’m there and hopefully Tweet a lot of content too (which should automagically appear in Facebook).

Well ok that’s not the only reason I’ve bought it but let’s just say it’s a contributing factor.

Why the Tab 3?  I like Android and I have a Samsung mobile so it seemed to make sense from a familiarity perspective.  Plus I use a lot of Google apps in general so I’m fairly sure of good integration across the devices and the apps.

So why else did I buy it?

Gaming content in general is becoming more and more mobile, plus with the recent announcement of Codename: Morningstar for the new version of Dungeons & Dragons I can see the various options of use before me.

I also have a LOT of PDF material for games – primarily RPG source material but also PDF versions of game rules etc.  Not least of which is my PDF of Atomic Robo RPG (I might have mentioned that) plus the board game quick rule PDFs that are put out by team at the Esoteric Order Of Games.

So what else can I use it for?  Well actually that’s what I’d like to ask you.

What must-have apps do I need?
What’s the best dice roller out there for Android?
What campaign management tools are out there?
If I wanted to record audio (not necessarily podcasts but something) what app should I choose?