Tabletop Ambassadors

Way way back (well ok 2 months ago) I wrote up my gaming principles and one thing I didn’t put down back then is something I think might be a new principle or maybe it’s something else.

So what does the post header of “Tabletop Ambassadors” mean then?  Are they some sort of political envoy of the publisher/distributor elite?  Well no, not exactly.

An ambassador for anything performs a number of roles to support the things they are there to represent.

So in the case of a Tabletop Ambassador their role is fairly simple really, “Promote the hobby as a whole” which mostly translates into –

Always speaking positively about each element (games, players and community) of the hobby.
Always consider the inclusion of people to the potential player list.  Except where due cause has existed (inappropriate behaviour etc).
Always be open minded about new formats and new products.
Always speaking positively as to why the FLGS is important for the hobby.
Always understand that people are well people and they can’t all play together.

There’s more to this than just what I’ve got above but I think you get the jist of what I’m saying.

The 5 bullets above are things I believe that I at least attempt to do when gaming and being around gamers and non-gamers.  Does that make this a gaming principle?  I don’t think so as I feel it’s more general than the other principles I’ve posted about.  So what is it then?

I suppose I relate to it in the same way I relate to a work ethic or a “be excellent to each other” mantra.  It’s just how I believe you should act when participating in what is a social hobby where community is key. Trying to be exclusionary about the who/what/where/when/why elements of the hobby just ends up be counter productive to your enjoyment of the hobby as a whole.

Are you a Tabletop Ambassador?