Still gaming

I’ve had no time to post but still gaming so thought I’d share some of the games I’ve played recently.

Dread Curse – A pirate themed game where the players take on various roles on the pirate ship. Objective is to have the largest hoard of gold at the end of the game avoiding the black spot coins. Lots of fun playing this despite my ending the game with both black spot coins. There’s a certain level of strategy and bluffing involved but I feel the level of luck needed (or bad luck in my case!) was a bit higher than I usually like. More plays needed I think.

Seasons – Becoming a staple of my gaming just now and given the layers to this game it’s a different experience each time. The most recent game we played used all of the rules from the core set so next time I think we will start to add in some of the expansion contents which brings more cards to add variety and more optiins to likely confuse us at first.

Bang! – Hadn’t played this for a while so it was good to play it again. Still plenty of variety to this which was great to see even if John did seem to have a combo that meant his sheriff was unkillable and his luck on drawing cards was crazy at times.

Gloom – Fast paced game as we were short on time but always fun to break out Gloom. Especially on Friday the 13th. Some weird and wonderful stories coming out during the game too.

Resistance – Almost a guaranteed play when we get together and lots of fun as some players get so confused about who is and isn’t a spy it’s hilarious. Having played it with the expansion cards a couple of times I’ve yet to be convinced that they add to the overall play experience but need to use them more to really be sure.

I think that’s all of the games we’ve played in recent weeks and this Friday is the last gaming night of the year (at the club at least). 2014 looks like being a good year of gaming for me but that’s likely to be another post as I revisit and set out my gaming objectives for next year. Not least of which will be getting my RPG sessions fully up and running.