Something a little different

When you try to rediscover what drove you to enjoy your hobby many people go back to basics.

I kinda did that but instead of going for my “comfort zone” of RPGs I decided to try a game I hadn’t played for 20 years or so.

Battletech –

Now I was well aware of the relaunch of Battletech and I remember playing that and the RPG Mechwarrior back in the 80s but I hadn’t been anywhere near that universe for a long, long time.  Seeing this as a completely different game from what I’d played in recent years I decided to take the plunge.

Catalyst Game Labs have done a fantastic job with the new starter set.  Everything you need is there and the Value For Money out of the game is also fantastic.  Lots of re-play value and 26 classic mech miniatures to boot.

Miniatures….  Yep that meant I had to paint them.  As I’ve said previously I don’t really enjoy painting miniatures.  I’ve tried to enjoy it but well that phrase of “try to enjoy” kinda settles it really.  It’s not for me.
However when it came to Battletech and to give it a really really good chance I decided to paint them.

I don’t have photos of the minis and no I won’t be taking any to post them.

So I played what I think was 3 games of Battletech using the simple rules in the space of 2 months.  I think I enjoyed it but the game just felt a bit nothing… Now that might be because it was the first game attempted in the 2nd Chapter (this took place over a year ago) but it might also be because I was the only one who knew the rules…

I can see me re-trying it in the future but at the same time I’ve no idea when that will be.