So what’s next?

It’s been a month since Gen Con and since then I’ve been really busy at work leading to my limited time to write here.

I have however had some time to play games that I picked up at Gen Con including Dragon Slayer, Sentinel: Tactics, Abyss, Cash & Guns and Battletech: Alpha Strike (which I had a post about but the Blogger Android app wiped it…).  All of which I can happily report are great fun.  That’s not all I’ve been playing though and the growing games library is certainly getting used at the moment.  There are a few games that might be close to being removed as they’re just not getting played but that might be a post for future.

But considering the first 8 months of 2014 was largely dominated by my build up Gen Con I have to wonder what the remainder of 2014 really holds with respect to the blog and my hobby.

There’s no grand announcement here as at the moment my immediate focus is on playing games on Friday nights at DWARF and specifically on trying to grow the community that is starting to form around East Neuk Tabletop Games in Anstruther, Fife.

So what is next for my hobby and indeed for this blog?  That’s really 2 questions.

My Hobby – More time for gaming.  I’ve posted before about my hobby objectives and my challenge around available free time.  The position in the latter post has changed a little and there may be an option to some irregular gaming on a Tuesday night soon which would be great.  Just need to ensure I’m keeping a balance though as I’m already sustaining a 3 weeks in 4 attendances at DWARF and have the 2nd and 4th Sundays at ENT.  What neither of those is giving me though is time to play D&D and that’s kind of important to me.

The Blog – No real change. I expect and intend to continue to post on the various topics that I’ve been covering. Not least of which are those that fall under my hobby and the hobby.  I’m equally passionate about both aspects and they are things I have more to write about, especially “the hobby” but right now it’s about finding / making the time to write that’s proving a challenge.

So yeah, that’s what is next. More of the same but obviously with less / no Gen Con content at least until 2016 when I might look to going back (2015 isn’t an option for a variety of reasons!).