Science Schmience

One of the things that tends to come up in modern day games or more precisely any game where the environment is borderline “normal” is whether science works the same as it does in the real world.

This is usually something I gloss over as part of the “suspension of disbelief” aspect of hobby games tends to rely on things not being the same as they are in the aforementioned real world.

Things like ricochets in scifi worlds are a cool element of combat but there is usually 1 player who’s sitting there thinking “But that wouldn’t happen due to the laws of physics!” My challenge back is that if you’re sitting there questioning the game environment and comparing it to the real world then I’d have to question your involvement in the game.

Them’s fighting words!

Well no not really. All I’m saying is that if you’re spending more time thinking about whether gravity is being represented correctly than how your character is going to get from one docking platform to another when all that’s between them is clear space because you’re currently docked at Bespin with stormtroopers firing on you from above then I think you’re not giving the game and in turn your fellow players the right level of attention.

But Dave this is science! 

One of the great things about this hobby is that ability to escape to new worlds and new situations and in many respects the ability to do the extraordinary. Only in these games can you leap across to that other docking bay, dodging blaster fire and still have time to shoot back whilst in mid air!

Be creative and be engaged in the games you are playing in and encourage others to join you in embracing your collective imagination.

Otherwise, for me at least, you’re not actually playing you’re only participating…