RPGs in Scotland and New Gamemaster Month

I started 2021 with a few notions in the back of my head about what I wanted to achieve this year

I referred to some of those in my end of 2020 post.
Mostly my hobby goal is to enjoy my hobby as much as I can whilst also introducing others to it
One of the things I did in 2020 was to re-launch the Dungeons & Dragons Scotland community and as referenced in that end of 2020 post it has grown significantly and continues to do so.
The Facebook Group now sits at 830 members with the Discord at 412 and both are growing almost daily.
For 2021 I want to diversify the range of RPGs I run and at the same time create a hub for that “non-D&D” community and so thanks to a few others who play a range of RPGs I created a sibling for D&D Scotland called RPG Scotland.
Currently the RPG Scotland community is split into 3 sections:
RPG Scotland Facebook Group (72 Members) – https://www.facebook.com/groups/rpgscotland/
RPG Scotland One Shots Facebook Group (122 Members) – https://www.facebook.com/groups/rpgscotlandoneshots/ 
RPG Scotland Discord (130 Members) – https://discord.gg/zMvpJP2JB6
Why 3? Well the original idea behind having separate Facebook Groups was to have a specific group purely for arranging one shot games.  The Discord is for both communities rather than having it fragmented over multiple servers.  Will see how things develop over the next month or two but I suspect a merger of the two Facebook groups might make sense.
One of the specific benefits of the RPG Scotland community that I can already see is that if I want to run a game that is more of an “idea” than a campaign, then I can get a group of players for it pretty easily.
What to run though? Well I listed several options in my previous post but also remembered early in January that New Gamemaster Month was about to start.

What is New Gamemaster Month?
Well, it happens every January and involves multiple publishers providing support for new GMs to run their games.
2021’s list was – Numenera, Unknown Armies, Trail of Cthulhu, Runequest, Monster of the Week & Delta Green.
I ruled out Numenera, Unknown Armies, Runequest and Monster of the Week pretty quickly due to having ran them before or feeling the systems weren’t a match for my game style. That doesn’t mean I won’t revisit them, more that as something I learn to run then organise a game for inside a month it needed to at least be adjacent to my GMing preferences and ideally new.
Gumshoe based RPGs have been something I’ve looked at in recent years, particularly with Night’s Black Agents, so Trail of Cthulhu was the obvious choice.
So I bought the books (print & PDF) as well as some Night’s Black Agents stuff I was missing.

Pelgrane Press provided a free adventure for this, Midnight Sub Rosa, and Roll20 offered a discount on the module so I picked it up there.

The adventure was originally designed as a convention scenario and so can be run in about 4 hours. Knowing that it can also take significantly more than that meant making some tweaks to essentially narrow the focus of the adventure.
I advertised it on the RPG Scotland Discord and quickly had 5 players (the most I tend to have for online games) and made it clear that it likely would take more than 1 session although likely no more than 2.
Telegram made using template at https://www.dholeshouse.org/

First session was last Thursday (4th Feb) and served as a reminder of the different style of play Gumshoe provides.  We played for 3ish hours (part two will be needed) and I can’t recall any dice being rolled.  This was mostly down to investigative abilities being used which in Gumshoe terms means you don’t roll, you simply “spend” a point to get the clue.  Dice tend to only be needed where a direct test is required e.g. in combat situations.
Fun was had and we should have the next session in a couple of weeks time.
I’ve currently pitched 3 other games on the RPG Scotland Discord:
Feb 25 19:30 The Expanse RPG – One shot [GM: Dave]
Mar 25 19:30 Polar Light (All Flesh Must Be Eaten) [GM: Dave]
Apr 22 19:30 Star Wars: Prison Break (In or Out?) [GM: Dave]
I’ve run that latter two a few times at conventions and as one shots in the past whereas The Expanse is a completely new system for me and I just need to decide which scenario to run…

Fortunately I have a few options there.