#RPGLiveUK A RPG mini-con in Nottingham

So I probably should have posted about this a long time ago but other things took priority.

This Saturday (14th October) I am running a RPG at #RPGLiveUK which is a RPG mini-con being held in The Dice Cup in Nottingham.

There are 4 games currently on offer and tickets are on sale here – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rpgliveuk-tickets-36042083843?ref=estw

Games are –
1) Shotguns and Sorcery (Cypher System)
2) Gamma World 4th Edition
3) Starfinder
4) Brave New World which is the game I’m running.

Long time readers of this blog will remember me talking about Brave New World before and may recall a post I did on Super Hero RPGs in general.

In short I decided to run BNW because it’s been sitting on my shelf for more years than it should without being played.

I find the mechanics (particularly around how damage works) a bit clunky so I’ve refined those for this one-shot. I might revert in due course but for this one-shot I wanted to make some changes to how it works.

So yeah, I’m running an RPG at a mini-con this Saturday.  Who knows what will happen, certainly not me!