RPG A Day 2015 – Day Sixteen

Longest Game Session Played…

Well I ran a game of 1st Edition AD&D for 24 hours once for charity.  Think that wins?

So how did this happen then?

I think it was 1991 as I would have been about 17 at the time.
My friends and I had signed up to do a sponsored 24 Hour RPG event for Red Nose Day.
I’d volunteered to run a game of 1st Edition AD&D for the full 24 hours and we’d enlisted a couple of extra players to cover off any drop outs over the night.
Venue wise we’d managed to secure the local scout hall which was pretty basic but met our needs.

I’d prepped a bunch of scenarios mostly taken from White Dwarf and Dungeon Magazine and very loosely knitted together a campaign plot that could be played over the 24 hours.

To help fill in any blanks or the need for side treks I’d also bought I13 – Adventure Pack I

I vaguely recall the event being a bit hit and miss in places, largely due to us all struggling to maintain our focus but I can safely say that I and I think 3 others stayed awake for the full 24 and a bit hours and that between us we raised something like £200 for charity.  Not bad really.

Would I do it again?  Yes but perhaps not as 1 big game…