RPG A Day 2015 – Day One

Forthcoming game I’m most looking forward to…

So in the RPG sphere this comes down to 2 different RPGs.

First one is the Sentinels Of The Multiverse RPG.

Anyone that’s followed this blog knows of my love for Sentinels Of The Multiverse and how it’s one of my favourite card games, indeed favourite games so there should be no surprise that the RPG would be of interest.

The Second one would be the Dystopian Universe RPG by Evil Hat in conjunction with IndieBoardandCards.

I thoroughly enjoy Resistance and Coup and am very intrigued how Evil Hat plan to morph those games into a RPG.

So yeah, I’ve got 2. Which am I most looking forward to? Probably the SotM RPG if I had to pick one, mostly out of curiosity as to how they build it mechanically.