RPG A Day 2015 – Day Nineteen

Favourite Supers RPG…

As I’ve said previously on this blog I’ve never felt that Superhero RPGs have really worked. Especially confused by this given the episodic nature of Superhero comic books.

If I had to choose one though? It’d probably be Golden Heroes or Savage Worlds : Necessary Evil.

Golden Heroes was the first Superhero RPG I played.  Published by Games Workshop back in the days before Warhammer existed they produced / printed RPGs and this was one of their own.

The game has a new following under the name of Squadron UK.

Savage Worlds : Necessary Evil is their superhero setting where the villains save the world from an alien invasion after the heroes are all killed.  I’ve never actually played in that setting, instead I’ve used the rules to run a number of one shot games.

An honourable mention has to go to the Brave New World RPG written by +Matt Forbeck I love the setting and the books are great to read. I just haven’t got around to running it yet…

Ask me again in a couple of years and it might be Sentinels Of The Multiverse RPG.  I don’t count Atomic Robo as a Superhero RPG as it’s really more espionage with gadgets, power and weirdness than it is Superhero.