RPG A Day 2015 – Day Fourteen

Favourite RPG Accessory.

Well I would like to nominate my hand crafted Wipebook or perhaps my Dungeons & Dragons playmats or maybe it’s my Gen Con 2014 messenger bag?

Can I choose all 3?

Ok so I don’t actually use the D&D playmats whilst playing D&D (although I did once) but they’re very nice and have the covers of the Monster Manual and Dungeon Masters Guide emblazoned on them.  I tend to use them for board and card games (as they’re bigger than say a Magic: The Gathering playmat) as putting 2 of them together takes up a reasonable amount of space.

My Wipebook gets used when I run my Star Wars campaign so that’s probably a better shout.

But then again my Gen Con 2014 messenger bag gets used pretty much every day as I also use it when going to work but that’s not RPG related.  Oh who am I kidding, it’s my favourite accessory that’s gaming related so that’s good enough for me.

Behold! The Gen Con 2014 messenger bag!