Roll Against Cancer

As part of my revised hobby objectives I set out to be more involved in the hobby at large and to organise events.

Roll Against Cancer does both of these.

I’ve been involved in charity events in the past, mostly during the 1st Chapter but also through events at DWARF over the years.

I’ve am close to people who continue to fight Cancer and have lost people due to Cancer.
As have many other people I know.

I can’t cure Cancer.
I also can’t raise enough money on my own to cure Cancer.
I can help though.

Roll Against Cancer is an attempt to help but what is it exactly?

Well right now this is embryonic but this is what I want it to be –

  • Event will be from 10am to 10pm on a Saturday
  • RPGs – I want at least 4 tables of RPGs running over at least 2 slots (preferably 3)
  • Board Games – I want a board game library for people to pick up and use but I also want to have some scheduled board game events and hopefully a demo team from Esdevium
  • Wargames – Not sure what to aim for here as I don’t want to dilute / detract from other local events.  Perhaps X-Wing or Warmachine / Hordes or perhaps something else.  Depends on what the Scottish scene can handle.
  • Card Games – Unlikely to have anything that will compete with the Magic scene but will take that under advisement from my network.
  • Game Jam Lite – I want to use this as an opportunity to have a Game Jam Lite.  I say Lite as there’s no way we could host a full on Jam.
  • Something published (PDF and/or Print) – I want to use my network to get game related “stuff” collected and published to either a) raise funds or b) be a give away to all who attend or c) something else.  This needs a LOT more thought.
  • Raffle / Prizes – Not wanting this to turn into a rewards scheme for people necessarily but it would be good to get some stuff together to thank those who come and also provide additional incentives to those who would consider attending.
  • Seminars / Talks – Nothing grand here but I’d like to have something along these lines.
  • Introductions – I’d love to have people who have no connection to the hobby to support us in some way.
  • Plus of course I want to raise money to fight Cancer.
So it’s essentially a mini-convention.
The specifics around What, Where, When and How for Roll Against Cancer will go on that web page but I will post about it here too.
That said. If you want to help, let me know as I’d love some input.