Recent purchases.

So in the run up to my birthday I worked out what I was going to buy here’s that list.  Plus some extras…

Star Wars : Edge Of The Empire RPG + GM Kit + 2 sets of dice
Obviously this was on the list and had been sitting in the game store I frequent for some weeks as I couldn’t make it in due to other commitments.
Production value is fantastic as ever for FFG stuff with the book itself full of fantastic art, the GM screen is board game card stock quality which is a pleasant surprise as my experience of these over the years is that they tended to be flimsy things.

The Resistance
I’d been looking at this game for a while.  It’ll serve a few purposes I think, not least of all acting as a great pickup game for my regular gaming group but I also think it could be a great game for introducing people to tabletop games.

I’ve said in a previous post that I didn’t own this game.  That has now been rectified and I plan to use it soon.

This was an impulse buy.  I knew of it and had read/seen good reviews of it but it wasn’t a “planned purchase.”  So why did I buy it?  Combination of the shop staff saying the right things about it (sales pitch) and it’s different from the other games I own.

Assault On Echo Base Force Pack for Star Wars LCG
The latest force pack is the fourth in the Hoth cycle and I’m really keen to play the game again soon.

FATE Accelerated Edition
Not exactly an impulse buy but more a taster for something that’s coming later.  Atomic Robo is a comic book character I’m a huge fan of and there’s a RPG coming out later this year based on that character which uses the FATE engine.  I know there will be variances between the FAE rules (given that it’s a tiny wee book) and Atomic Robo RPG but I wanted to get a taste for what’s coming.  So will I play FAE?  Unlikely. Will I play Atomic Robo RPG?  Hell yes!

Sentinels Of The Multiverse – Rook City and Infernal Relics Expansions
Through the power of the internet I managed to learn that a bricks & mortar shop in another part of the UK had these in stock.  Awesome find given that none of the online retailers I could find had them in stock.

Magic 2014 Deck Builders Toolkit.
Ok so this is almost definitely something I’ll not use actively so fails the “Only buy it if you’re going to use it.” principle test.  Why buy it then?  I like Magic and enjoy playing it even if that’s something I only do very rarely.

So, a sizeable haul I think it’s fair to say!