Railroad Stations

Back in my post named “Expansive Gaming” I reflected on the nature of expansions for games.

I’ve recently picked up a number of expansions for games I’ve been enjoying and wanted to share the reasons why I’ve picked them up.

This post is about Star Wars EotE : Beyond The Rim – So this is a scenario/campaign book which I plan to use as part of my EotE RPG sessions.
I’ve come to really like the published stuff that FFG produce and whilst there’s an element of railroading within the scenarios that I’ve seen that’s normally something I can work around.

So if you think about that railroad scenario and rather than seeing it as a linear path you put stops along the way you can add a lot more into the game. In other words, you’re adding more stations to the railroad where intersections or “side treks” to use an old D&D phrase can be placed on the scenario journey. Similarly you can have a number of these intersections prior to the start of the railroad you’ve been given. That might be a bit more tricky simply because you might have to unpick some of the background to enable it.

So Beyond The Rim is likely going to be the main content for my Star Wars EotE RPG Sessions.

In my next post I’ll talk about another expansion I’ve picked up.