Questions – When do people play games?

And we’re back!  What did I miss?  Nothing?  Really? Oh well…

I’ve only got 1 more post to make on the revisiting the questions before I return this broadcast to your usual content.

When do people play games?

In the previous post on this subject I focussed on the length of time it takes to play a game and explained how widely varied that can be.

The question of when is as much about where as it is about when.

Tabletop games can be played anywhere there’s a table, yes some of them need a big table and indeed some of games are designed for a specifically sized table but in reality if you have a table (other work surfaces can apply) you can play a tabletop game on it.  But when do people play games?  Anytime is the simple answer or maybe that should be all the time.

I mean there are people who play games on specific nights of the week (Friday nights for me) and there are those who play games during the day (ORC Edinburgh was built on the principle of Saturday afternoon RPGs) and indeed there are a lot of gamers out there who play at every opportunity they have.

The benefit of a number of the games out there is that you can play short games, long games and some games in between and that enables the gamer to really play whenever they have free time.  Some of the most enjoyable games I’ve played have been short 30 minute games like The Resistance.

What you have to consider when deciding to play a game is home time do you and your fellow gamers have to play.  Then it’s simply a case of picking a game or number of games that fit that slot.