Planning for GenCon on a jet plane.

As I continue to prepare (save) for GenCon 2014 I have set up various alerts on the price of flights to Indianapolis.

So far the price from Edinburgh is varying between £862 and £926 return with Glasgow being that little bit cheaper but a much longer drive to the airport and home for me.  It’s a strange experience watching the price go up slightly then come down again ever so slightly (today it’s at £882 for Edinburgh and £866 for Glasgow) as I resist the urge to buy the tickets too early.

At the same time as looking at this I’ve also received an “Important Information” email from the GenCon team.  It has lots of information in it but the bits of particular import are –

1 – Pre-Registration opens at noon (Eastern time so that’s 5PM UK time) on Sunday the 26th January.  This is open until June 29th at 11:59pm (again Eastern time so thats 4:59AM UK time on the 30th June).
No real danger of me waiting until June 29th….

2 – Hotel Registration begins on 2 days after Pre-Registration so that’s Tuesday the 28th January at the same time so 5PM UK time…… which means if I’m going to opt to be part of the hotel room-block that GenCon have then I need to be hovering over a fast internet connection at work.  Either that or I take a day off…
At present I’m still looking at the condo/apartment option as a preference but will decide that in January I suspect.

There’s a variety of other information in the email but these were the 2 of particular interest and essentially my “Go / No Go” timeline around whether I can muster up some friends to go with me!
So on Christmas Day it’s only 4 weeks and 4 days to GenCon pre-registration!  Excitement builds!