Plan for September

I’m going to try and do this every month.  Main reason is so that I can track my progress against those objectives I set.

So gaming plans for September are as follows –

Friday 6th
The second session of the D&D Next Playtest.  We’ll finish off the scenario I ran the last time and I’ll probably have to expand on it a little as the players were near the end.
Something of a frustration though is that there’s a new (and apparently final) playtest packet coming out in mid September.  It’s only a frustration because I’ve only just started to play the game and I suspect that the next packet will have some fairly big changes.
On the plus side though it looks like it will add some setting flavour into the game beyond the “core” races from Forgotten Realms/Greyhawk.  Kender (Dragonlance) and Warforged (Eberron) will be introduced into the next pack which if nothing else will bring with it some new options for players. Unfortunately though my player base don’t know those settings, certainly not Dragonlance at any rate. Still it will give more options to the group as a whole and given this is supposed to the final playtest packet it will mean I can build a short “campaign” off the back of it.

Friday 13th
Oooo spooky!  Board Game night.
Want this to be focussed on games I haven’t played much or at all since buying so Seasons, Pandemic and probably The Resistance.  We shall see though as I’ll need to see what the rest of the players want to play.

Friday 20th
I suspect this will be more D&D Next.  At the moment I’ll be sticking to the “one and done” approach for scenarios, at least until the next packet is out.

Friday 27th
Combination of Star Wars EotE character creation and more board gaming I suspect.

Now as you’ll have noticed this plan is predicting that I game 4 weeks in a row.  That’s my intention for September.
Also this only shows gaming on a Friday.  I’m currently looking at options to play on other nights whether that be weeknights or weekends is still up for debate but I’m keen to introduce even a once a month alternate slot for gaming and if I can’t achieve that in September I want to make sure it’s in place for October.