Plan for a plan…

In the world of Project Management there’s a phrase that normally sends shivers down my spine.  Actually there are MANY such phrases but the one I’m referring to here is “Plan for a plan”.  Essentially this means that you can’t build a full project plan so you build a skeleton plan in the hope that over time things become clearer and you can actually develop a plan worth following.

In writing this blog I’ve come up with a rough plan of what I want to do here.  Now it most certainly is a plan for a plan mainly because I’m not really sure what I want to say as yet and what topics I want to cover.  This blog is about A 2nd Chapter and so I want to steer clear of anything from the 1st Chapter where possible.  I also want to try and sustain a 1 blog post a day regime and I’m future posting as much as I can to support that just now. Accepting that this might not be possible I’ve come up with the plan below to help steer my content.

So.  Here is my plan for a plan.

  • Coverage of Gen Con and how that relates to my hobby and the hobby in general (likely multiple posts).  Maybe do the same for SPIEL to a lesser extent.
  • D&D Next.  Not a review per se, more tracking my experiences with it and how the players take to it given that some of them are new to RPGs in general.
  • More posts on SW:EotE as the players develop their fully formed characters and begin life in the Outer Rim.
  • Posts on other games played over time and how I see the longevity of their play in my hobby.
  • What do things like Kickstarter, Geek & Sundry and other changes to the hobby market mean for the future of the hobby.
  • My buying patterns and what I see as tempting me but where I resist the urge to buy.  Alongside that I’ll do a post on my gaming principles, one of which is “Only buy if you’re going to use it.”  This ties in with the value for money theme.
  • Gaming principles.  I have a number of these that I’ve never written down as most of them are just “common sense” to me but I will look to cover these under the my hobby section.

You’ll notice that there are no dates around any of this.  That’s because it’s a plan for a plan and the schedule may be rejigged based on my whim rather than because I’m trying to achieve anything specific.  These are the topics I plan to write about and some will be date specific e.g. GenCon is in August so I suspect that there will be a flurry of GenCon related posts during this month.

Is there anything you want to read about that I haven’t mentioned?