October / November and beyond “ish”

So we’re now over mid-way into October and having sustained my attendance at my Friday night gaming club for a number of consecutive weeks I am going to up my commitment a bit.

If I work on the basis that I can attend every Friday then I want to ramp up to having 2 Friday’s with RPGs and 2 Friday’s with Board/Card Games.

This will enable me to run –

  • Star Wars : Edge Of The Empire – Now I’ve already ran this a number of times that but that was all with the Beginner’s Game version of the rules so now I have the chance to use the full game. Plus seeing as I bought Beyond The Rim I now have a pre-written scenario that I can use as a framework to a plot.
  • D&D Next – This will be using the final Beta that WotC are releasing and so far I’ve been really happy with a lot of the aspects of the new system.  I have a number of ideas for a story arc here but want to sit down with the players and work out what they want their characters to be like first before setting out my thoughts.
Plus still be able to have my board/card gaming variety.
The length of the story arcs will be entirely dependent on the demands of the players and obviously so long as we’re all still having fun I would see no reason to stop playing.
So that’s my Friday nights sorted, now I just need to work out how to do more with more…