Objective status…

So a month or so ago I posted about what I saw as my Hobby Objectives at that time.

Let’s do a checkpoint –

  1. Sustainable and regular gaming.  Big success here as I think I’ve managed to go to the games club every Friday for 4 weeks in a row and at the moment that doesn’t look like changing (except the week I’m in London that is).
  2. Play more with more.  Ok this is sort of working, the group I play board games with has expanded a little so the “pool” of players is growing.  The real test of that will be when I kick off the D&D and Star Wars campaigns and whether that will expand the network even further within the Friday nights.
  3. Home based gaming.  No progress here, largely down to my available time.
  4. Play something new at least one in every six gaming sessions.  I think this is being hit very easily just now with the variety of board games being played.  Over time this might be more challenging to sustain but let’s keep trying to have that freshness of games.
  5. Visit more game shops.  I checked out one of the newer shops in Scotland recently and it was closed… Or more precisely it was closed to the public as there seemed to be a group of people in the shop playing a board game.  All very odd.  When I’m in London though I plan to visit Leisure Games and if we have time Orcs Nest too.

The larger challenge for 1 and 2 is the current limitation to Friday night only gaming.  If I can expand that, even slightly, then I think I’m onto a winner.

More updates in a month or so.