More Seasoning

In yesterday’s post I talked about Beyond The Rim for Star Wars EotE RPG.

Today’s post I’m talking about why I purchased an expansion for a board game that I’d only played once… That board game is Seasons.

As per the previous game report post the group came away from that first play thinking that Seasons was awesome and I know that by the time this post goes live that we’ll have played it again.  So why buy an expansion?

Well before I get into that let’s take a look at the expansion itself.
Seasons: Enchanted Kingdom is a “more of the same with something extra” expansion in that it doesn’t really change how the game is played but it does bring more variation to the game with more power cards in particular. It also answers a question about the core set.

Each player has their own “board” which is used to manage the various resources in the game.  In that board there is a hole which didn’t seem to make any sense.  At least until now!  The picture below shows there is now a crescent moon style insert to put into the circular hole.  This makes me think that as the designers were building the game this element was already in plan but wouldn’t be ready for the initial release so they opted to leave the hole but not explain it!

So why did I buy the expansion?  Because I can see this being played a lot and I think the expansion will help to maintain that!  There’s another expansion coming out next year and whilst I’ll likely buy it no matter what I would love to see the game be scalable to support 5/6 players by including additional season dice.