March Madness – Non-D&D OSR Blog Challenge (Part 1 of 3)

Continuing on from the D&D posts I’m now leaping into the non-D&D posts!  This challenge stems from the blog Tomb of Tedankhamen and was supposed to be a March daily posting challenge.

As with the February one I’m chunking this up into 3 posts of 10 (well 10, 10 and 11).

1 What was the first roleplaying game other than D&D you played? Was it before or after you had played D&D?
Golden Heroes – Superhero RPG made by Games Workshop back before Warhammer 40,000 existed.  It was after D&D.
2 In what system was the first character you played in an RPG other than D&D? How was playing it different from playing a D&D character?
That’d be Golden Heroes.  System wise they were poles apart.  Style of play though was more different due to it being Superheroes.
3 Which game had the least or most enjoyable character generation?
Least enjoyable character creation. Hmmm. I’d probably pick anything by Palladium Games.  If only because the system is such a mess….
Most enjoyable character creation.  This is actually tricky to define.  In recent years I’ve tended to do character creation as a group so that the players can almost “jam” their way to create a cohesive party.  That’s been most evident and productive using the Star Wars Edge Of The Empire rules.
4 What other roleplaying author besides Gygax impressed you with their writing?
Greg Stolze probably the stand out one for me along with John Tynes.  That’s almost entirely down to Unknown Armies.
5 What other old school game should have become as big as D&D but didn’t? Why do you think so?
Traveller. Fantasy beats Sci-Fi when it comes to RPGs.  I don’t know why…
6 What non-D&D monster do you think is as iconic as D&D ones like hook horrors or flumphs, and why do you think so?
Wellllll I actually don’t think hook horrors or flumphs are actually that iconic…  Give me a rust monster or an owlbear any day.  non-D&D wise though?  I think that’s really tricky as in other RPGs I don’t think “monsters” as that important… 
7 What fantasy RPG other than D&D have you enjoyed most? Why?
Middle Earth Role Playing by Iron Crown Enterprises.  Simply because it was the first RPG I owned and it was set in Middle Earth!
8 What spy RPG have you enjoyed most? Give details.
None of these really clicked for me.  Spycraft probably came closest for true spy type stuff but I’ve probably ran more spy themed games in Star Wars than anything else.
9 What superhero RPG have you enjoyed most? Why?
Golden Heroes maybe but I refer my honourable readers to this post.
10 What science fiction RPG have you enjoyed most? Give details.
Star Wars in all editions.  Simply because it’s Star Wars and I as I’ve said elsewhere I’m not that precious about mechanics being used “rules as written” so have always been able to get a game to work.
I would definitely say though that the current edition by Fantasy Flight Games is absolutely fantastic.