Holiday Posts – Guests?

I’m taking some time off work the week starting the 7th of October and starting to forward post more to ensure that there is content ready for publication during that week as we’re having a family holiday.
I have couple of posts already done but whilst I was writing the third my brain went off on a tangent…

What if I managed to enlist some guest posts for that week instead and get their views on the hobby, their hobby or any ideas they’d be happy to share through the blog.

Now there are a number of people that I can think of who I’d be interested to read a post by but at the same time I don’t want to single any of them out.

So how would it work (if of course anyone takes me up on the request)?  –  Guests would send me their post, I’d review them and see if I think they’re a good fit and then I’d schedule them in the feed as I do with other posts.

So how many would I need?  –  I think 5 would be perfect. We’re away the Monday to Friday so it would be great to have one for each day.

What can the guest write about?  –  I’d like the posts to at least align with the 3 headings of The Hobby (whatever that means to the guest), My Hobby (although in this case it would be the guest perspective) and My Ideas (again it would the idea of that guest).

So if anyone is interested let me know either in the comments or via email –

I’d like to have the posts concluded by Friday 4th October.  If there’s no interest then as I say I have other stuff to fill the week.