Go with what you know

Now by “Go with what you know” I mean RPGs.

*there’s a sequel to this post coming so bear with me if you’re someone I play with currently*

It’s a safe option with me.  Trouble was I didn’t want to just leap into a D&D Campaign or similar.  I mean I could have done that but I felt like I needed to try something different.

I decided to complement the Battletech miniatures game with the RPG – http://bg.battletech.com/?wpsc-product=a-time-of-war-the-battletech-rpg

This made a lot of sense.  After all I knew that I liked the setting for Battletech, had people that were interested in the Battletech universe given that they wanted to play the miniatures game and had fond memories of the setting from “my youth”.

It kinda worked too, for the players at least…  I got the impression that they liked the game and the scenarios I was running but I wasn’t really getting into it.  Most of that was definitely down to where my head was at the time but some of it was down to the game.

Don’t get me wrong A Time Of War looks like a great RPG both setting wise and mechanically.  I just think that it was the wrong time and place for me to be trying something completely new.  I wasn’t in the comfort zone of my comfort zone if you know what I mean.

So I binned the game (not the book!  It’s on my shelf).  Well…  it’s more complicated than that as my Friday nights became harder to commit to for a while due to work but ultimately I binned the game.