GenCon 2020 – The Prep…

Flights – Booked

Accommodation – Booked

Tickets – Booked

So pretty much sorted then?  Logistics wise yeah largely there.  What comes next is figuring out what I’ll be doing when there.

Events wise there’s a LOT to choose from.  Event booking goes live on Sunday 17th May and based on 2019’s event schedule of 19,589 different events there’s going to be some decisions to be made!

I think this time my focus is going to be on the Gen Con film festival and the seminars / panels with a selection of gaming events (probably RPG centric) mixed in.  Plus of course the exhibitor hall where all the gaming goodies will be.

After seeing Eye Of The Beholder at Gen Con 2018 and having lots of good chat with the team behind it I was able to host the UK Premiere at Tabletop Scotland 2019 which was fantastic.

Maybe I’ll see something else that I can bring to a future Tabletop Scotland?

I’d be interested in seeing Seminars & Panels either by D&D twitter folks I follow or podcasts I listen to.  There might be a few others that catch my eye but that’s a decision for nearer the 17th May.

Gaming events will likely involve a few RPGs.  I’d like to try and play in a game of Night’s Black Agents and also will likely sign up for some D&D 5e too.  That aside I think the majority of my convention time will be spent in the exhibitor halls and playing board games.

Exhibitor wise I think I might have a bit of a RPG splurge this time as that’s largely my gaming focus at the moment although I will be picking up various new releases and other games to be added to the games library for Tabletop Scotland 2020.

If you’re going to GenCon let me know (not you Greg, I know you’re going!).