GenCon 2014

GenCon next year might be something extra special.

In 1974 Dungeons & Dragons was published for the first time and I fully expect that in 2014 we’ll see the release of D&D Next / 5th Edition.

With that in mind I’m contemplating going to GenCon in 2014.

Now this isn’t just for D&D’s birthday but I do think that will add something a bit special to the event.  After all the next big milestone would be it’s 50th birthday and I’m not really wanting to wait another 10 years before deciding to do this.  Plus who knows what the tabletop landscape will look like by then.

I’ve always wanted to go to GenCon and I’ve been to 3 of the UK iterations of the event back when it existed in the UK.  With my new found resurgence of interest in the hobby as a whole though I’d be looking at trying a variety of things whilst there and not just D&D Next.

This year’s GenCon saw a unique attendance level of 49,000 people over the “best four days in gaming”.  That’s up from 41,000 at GenCon 2012 which makes it an almost 20% increase!

There are several logistical challenges with getting to GenCon though…

Flights – Getting flights to Indianapolis isn’t that hard but with most things like this it all comes down to price and while the event isn’t until August 2014 the prices are currently all over the place.

Accommodation – A variety of options here but given that according to Visit Indy all hotels etc within 40-50 mile radius of the Indiana conference centre were fully booked for GenCon 2013 it would seem that the hotel choice will be key so that we’re not too far out.

I’ll post as we get further down the line to this, if I’ve people to convince that this is a great idea.  Not least of all my wife!