GenCon 2014 – The planning.

So as I said in my Tumbleweed post – tickets, accommodation and travel for Gen Con Indy are all booked.

What I plan to do in the next few posts (which might not be consecutive) is cover off some of the planning I’ve done and will be doing in the run up to this.

  • The booking experience
  • Why Tuesday to Monday (this one has come up a lot)
  • What I want to play – RPGs
  • What I want to play – Others
  • What I want to buy – Budget and Priorities
  • What I want to experience – Talks / Seminars / Presentations
  • What else – Films / Auction / Diana Jones Award
  • Getting ready – Event booking in May
  • Getting ready – Packing – Overall and Day2Day
  • Who to see – “Celebs”
  • Who to see – UK Peeps (Bloggers / Podcasters)
This is only scratching the surface really as the options that GenCon brings are huge and wide ranging. I don’t want to over plan it as I want to experience the con as a whole but know that without any form of plan that I am likely to just float my way through.
Combine that with other stuff like how I plan to record this event.
Blogging is one thing and I expect there will be a number of posts about GenCon day to day but alongside that I think I want to record this experience in a variety of ways.
Some of that will be down to who I meet when I’m there but also down to the atmosphere of being part of the best four days in gaming.
So expect a series of posts on GenCon and I’d be interested in suggestions from others on who I should try and meet and what I should be aiming to do whilst there.