Gen Con – My Itinerary (The Sunday)

All good things… Whilst Gen Con comes to an end on the Sunday my trip to Gen Con doesn’t as we don’t fly back until the Monday.

So what does the Sunday have in store for me? Not a lot (of events).
The list is short because Gen Con essentially packs up for the year around 4pm on the Sunday.
Doomtown Reloaded – Alderac’s returning card game.  Unlike the event I have on the Wednesday this one is aimed at players who want to learn how to play.
Shadow on the Moonsea – The only D&D event outstanding from the various official 5th Edition games being run at Gen Con.
So what else?  Well there will be the mandatory last minute survey of the trader hall to see if there are any bargains available. This is entirely dependent on there being any space left in my case…
The plan for the Sunday night is quite simple.  Meet up with my fellow travellers, have dinner at Ruth’s Chris and reflect on the event as a whole.
There may be some playing of games either just amongst us or by meeting up with people we’ve connected with over the week or through use of #genconpug
We don’t leave til mid-afternoon on the Monday (well we need to be at the airport for 2pm ish) so there will be some wandering round the fair city of Indianapolis and probably some more unhealthy food too.
So yeah, that’ll be the end of Gen Con 2014.  One of the first questions that I’ll start to ask myself at this point is whether I want to go again in 2015.  Far too early to consider that though!