Gen Con – My Itinerary (The Friday)

Before I continue with the perfect guide to stalking me at Gen Con I need to reflect back on my post for the Wednesday.

One of the events that I planned to attend has been cancelled – Every School Should Have a Games Club.  This made me sad as I was really looking forward to learning stuff in this one around the overall promotion of the hobby.  The guy who was running isn’t running any other seminars so unfortunately this looks like he’s been unable to make it hence the cancellation.  These things happen and given the likely overlap with a couple of other seminars I should get plenty of content for the brain and blog.

So, Friday!  What excitement awaits me?

Gaming for Good: An Insider’s Guide to Playing Games for Charity – Should be fairly clear why I want to go to this, especially if you’ve been reading this blog for a while…  I think this should also touch on ways in which to promote the benefits of what is a very social hobby.

Defiance in Phlan – It’s D&D! (Ok so I did that last time…) Yep this is the likely first slot of D&D 5th Edition that I’ll play unless I take part in the Thursday 11pm slot.

Bring Me The Head Of Dr Dinosaur – It’s Atomic Robo! Run by game creator +Mike Olson! Plus +Liz Mackie is playing in this game too!

Sentinels Of The Multiverse : A Storyline Game – So this is interesting.  3 back to back games of SotM where the characters / villains are determined by a common story.  Very cool idea and brings another layer of roleplaying to one of my favourite games.  Plus +Greg Barr is playing in this one!

The last event on the Friday is more of a walk-in experience.

Dungeons & Dragons: Tyranny Of Dragons Launch Party – This is an all day event with the real focus from 7pm to 11pm. I’m in the SotM from 6pm to 9pm so will miss some of this but as I say it’s more of a walk-in experience rather than something you sit down to participate in after all it’s taking place outside of the Convention Centre on Georgia Street. The real buzz for 5th Edition I think will be on the Saturday night but that’s for the next post…

I also intend to use the timegaps I have on the Friday (not many but some) to browse a bit more and demo some games.  I’ve tried to be careful and not block my diary out completely (as hard as that can be to avoid) as I want to balance events with experiencing the con.  Right now I think my schedule is fine but I fully expect that might change!!!