Game Time

As with any hobby, tabletop games require an investment of time to play them and if I’ve noticed anything as the years have gone on I have less and less game time available.

In my teens and early 20s I could get away with gaming practically every night of the week. Nowadays though there are many other commitments relating to family and others that limit when I can play games.

Where to play is another restriction but this is more to do with personal circumstance and choosing to keep the gaming group I am in fairly consistent.

As I’ve said before my gaming is limited to Friday nights at present.  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays aren’t an option for family reasons.  Actually, Saturdays might be an option but never consistently so easier to rule out.  This would leave me with Mondays and Thursdays.

My Monday night options are fairly limited unless I’m prepared to game in Edinburgh (where I work) which isn’t ideal as I live about 90 minutes away from Edinburgh so would need to finish gaming no later than 9pm which isn’t the easiest of options.
My Thursday night options are the same as my Monday night options so again somewhat limited.

Ok so both of these are based on the premise that I’m not gaming at home. However gaming at home on working week night is a challenge because I don’t normally get home from work til 6:30pm/7pm and have family stuff after that.

So where does that leave me?  Currently it’s Friday nights only.  Saturday days and nights have potential for home/away gaming and Sundays also have potential but that’s dependent on family stuff. Currently I think once a month gaming on either of these is an option.
My Wednesday night commitment is something that only happens once a fortnight so again might be an option and the club I go to on a Friday has a “sister” club on a Wednesday night which might work.

Of course I now have another gaming commitment with this blog but then that’s what the other nights are for!

How do you manage your game time?