First there was an ORC then a DWARF. Now there’s an ENT.

Ok so that post title needs an explanation…

When I moved from Glasgow to the East Neuk of Fife I had a bit of a purge of my gaming collection with the expectation that if I was to get back into gaming I was start anew.

The first breakthrough I had with my gaming was via the Ottakars Roleplaying Club as it was originally known but what is now the Open Roleplaying Community (Edinburgh) or simply ORC for short.

The second breakthrough came as part of starting this 2nd Chapter.  I had been to the Dunfermline Wargaming And Roleplay Fellowship (or simply DWARF for short) prior to opening KoA and during my time at ORC too.  However, it wasn’t until the start of this 2nd Chapter that I really became part of that community.  DWARF isn’t “just” for wargamers or roleplayers though. Quite a few people play board & card games there as well as CCGs.

So that’s the ORC (A RPG club) and the DWARF (A Wargaming and RPG club).  What’s the ENT?

Well… As part of my Hobby Objectives I have been looking to do the following 2 things.

2. Play more with more.
3. Home based gaming.

ENT is how I’m going to satisfy number 2 and in a round about way it also supports number 3.

So again.  What’s ENT?  ENT is East Neuk Tabletop Games – so that’s any of the games I refer to in my What Are Tabletop Games? post. Oh and it kicks off next Sunday the 13th April in Anstruther from 2pm to 5pm and it would greatly please both myself and +donjondo (Alan Stewart) if you were able to join us for it!

Full details can be found either on the Google+ Community or the Facebook Group or follow us on Twitter and indeed on the website.