Expanding the tabletop horizon…

So I’ve spoke about changing how I engage with my hobby and that has a number of facets which I’m going to break down over several posts to provide greater detail than I would in 1 post.  Some of this is more “the hobby” focussed and is both aspirational and the right thing to do (in my opinion of course).

As I said in my 2015 Look Ahead post some of this may be close to the bone and I know there will be people who will nod along for about 90% of this but shake their heads at the 10%.  A lot of this may also include something akin to a “Don’t ask what the hobby can do for you. Ask what you can do for the hobby!” type of things.

  1. Community Engagement – This is about engaging with the general public and presenting the social experience of gaming to them in a way that is accessible and transparent.  Will touch on engaging with Libraries, Schools and community groups in general.
  2. Value of “Full Retail” – This is about understanding and realising the benefit of paying a premium to buy games in physical brick & mortar stores.  Not just why you should do it but what happens when you do.
  3. Games aren’t just for kids, but should be for them too – It’s really just a post on trying to tackle one of the “stigmas” attached to playing games but at the same time also trying to avoid the hobby being badged with the stereotype.  Games are for everyone is really at its core but what can be done to improve on this?  Sort of a companion piece to Community Engagement.
  4. Where to start. – This one is about helping people get on the tabletop gaming ladder but also about highlighting what goes into organising a games club like East Neuk Tabletop.  It’ll incorporate an element of a “How can I help?” type post as I’m always happy to help people get started on the path to fun gaming.
  5. The Hobby – Utopia – In an ideal world, this is what the hobby would look like to me.
  6. A Better Tabletop Hobby – So with all these things above, how do they change my approach to the hobby and indeed my hobby?  This post will explore that and build some targets for me to achieve.

Some of these are quite meaty (or soya-y for those vegetarians amongst you) topics and I will at times be tailoring my language to avoid slipping into full on rant / preachy mode.

What I will say though is that if you have a counter view to anything I say I’m all ears and I’m always happy to be advised on other perspectives of things, particularly in relation to the hobby at large.

Any questions or suggestions before I start?