DMing Lost Mine of Phandelver

So I’ve finally got round to running a game of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.  Specifically I’ve started running Lost Mine of Phandelver.

This is the scenario that comes with the Starter Set and I’ve chosen it for a number of reasons.

  • None of the players have played it.
  • It’s an introductory scenario and 4 of the players either hadn’t played D&D ever or for a very long time.
  • One player is currently playing in the Hoard Of The Dragon Queen season of Encounters so had to be something very different from that.
So what did we have?  Well I used the pregens from the Starter Set and I also managed to find some D&D Adventurers League compatible 1st level pregens online.
The players opted for –
  • Dwarf Cleric – Played by Richard
  • Halfling Rogue – Played by Steven
  • Human Fighter – Played by Alan
  • Human Paladin – Played by Theresa
  • Tiefling Warlock – Played by Oliver
They managed to rescue Sildar and take down Klarg the bugbear, the wolves and a number of the goblins.  Ok so they had lady luck to thank for some of that after some tributes were made to Tyche in Phandalin as at times the dice were being particularly cruel!
Overall it was a really good session and felt good to be running D&D again, especially for a group of people that I’ve never roleplayed with before as most of them I’ve met through East Neuk Tabletop.
Hoping to get at least 2 or 3 more sessions in before Christmas but need to think carefully about the scheduling of that and of course a location to hold it. For this 1st session we used my wife’s wool shop on a weeknight, with weeknights largely being problematic for me I think it might need to move to a Sunday post-ENT slot (whether that’s coinciding with ENT or not). Something to ponder and chat with them about before organising the next slot.