Dice Bags or lack thereof.

The hobby has a lot of accessories as I’ve posted about previously. Most of these are probably extras that you aren’t going to use or need in the main.  The thing with this hobby though is that now and again you come across something that you didn’t know you needed and other times you notice a lack of choice when it comes to other accessories.

For me any accessory has to pass the Only buy it if you’re going to use it test.  Well ok so there are exceptions to that but the principle still stands.

One accessory that has peaked my interest in recent months is The Noteboard.  I personally have no use for this as I never draw maps to scale (it’s become an in-joke in my games…) but I recognise the value of something so simple and effective as The Noteboard that I had to mention it.

The one accessory that I’ve been looking for more and more of late is a quality dice bag.  Unfortunately this isn’t something I’ve been able to find including during my visit to the London game stores (a separate post coming soon).  I think I know why this is but I still find it disappointing that there isn’t a better range of dice bags out there. Yes I can order a semi bespoke one online but that only highlights the lack of selection from the FLGS.  This is not a slam at the FLGS though, more aimed at the manufacturers and distributors.

Chessex are the biggest dice company, particularly to those in the UK, and they have a fairly large selection of dice to say the least. However the only dice bags available from them are plain velour bags in 2 sizes… Yes you can get some others from FFG and every so often from Q-Workshop but those tend to be limited supply and selection.

Why is that? Is that a UK thing?

Can retailers in the USA get access to a greater range of dice bags through distribution? Judging by the dice bags available from Koplow (who have no UK distributor from what I can tell) it would appear so.

So is there just no demand or is this a gap in the UK distribution market?