Change is a good thing and is necessary.

I believe that change is something that is good for the hobby and has been necessary to in keeping me interested in my hobby.

So what do I mean by change?  New rules, new versions of games, new expansions for games, new players of games, different players in the play group and everything around that.

A new edition of the core rules for any game is something that is usually received with negativity from the player bases of that game.  This is normally down to the belief that this is being done by the publisher to extract more money from the player base.  Whilst that may be the case, these are commercial companies after all, there’s also another much simpler reason.
Change invigorates a player base.  Without it a game can become stagnant and dare I say it players can lose interest in a game.  A new edition of a game gives players a reason to take a fresh look at it and to try something new.  Now that’s not to say that they will like the changes but it will give the players that impetus to check them out.
The same can be said for expansions to games that add new rules or change the way the game can be played.  These expansions bring additional variety to the hobby and usually result in some form of additional expenditure to take advantage of that variety.  Without getting into the value debate around expansions it’s important to remember that these are just that, expansions, and are by their very nature optional.

A change around the play group itself is something that can be disruptive, especially if there are personality conflicts between the players.  That aside it is important to retain a level of freshness both in terms of the games you play and the people you play them with.  I’m not saying that during that RPG campaign you’ve been playing for the past year that you should parachute a new player in.  What I am saying is that to develop your play style for each game there are benefits in mixing up who you play those games with.

There’s also that other change you can have in Tabletop Games.  The new game.  A game that no-one in your play group has tried before but someone decides to pick it up and give it a try.  For me this is about Board & Card Games in the main as I continue to try more and more of them.  For others this could be as simple as trying a new RPG or new War Game or trying that other game format for the first time giving you something “different” from the normal gaming routine.

So as a principle it’s about embracing change and trying new things to keep my interest in my hobby fresh and also about introducing new games to new people.  Or at least games that are new to those people.