Celebration Time

In the run up to Christmas (yes I know November’s only just started) there tends to be a lot of celebration planning, thinking about gifts to give and that you may receive.

That annual celebration along with others similar celebrations are part of our culture and everyday lives. Within the hobby community celebrations come in all shapes and sizes with different products and manufacturers providing some focus through their Organised Play activities but also using new releases as celebrations of that product.

For me celebrating my hobby just involves having fun playing games and I’m sure this is how the majority of people celebrate their hobby.

My FLGS recently celebrated 15 years of operating and as part of that fantastic anniversary they held a party.  I couldn’t attend it due to family commitments but from what I have heard it was a fantastic day of gaming and cake.  The shop had constructed a Death Star trench out of MDF and had also build a number of gun emplacements using Lego and people played X-Wing.  As well as that there were board games a plenty and Magic drafts for others to enjoy.  It was, judging all by the posts I’ve seen on Facebook, a fantastic day for all that went along.

Events like this and to some extent conventions also provide that opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the hobby as a whole no matter what format of gaming you indulge in.  It’s probably what I miss most about the 1st Chapter.  This blog however isn’t about looking back at that time it’s about looking forward and so I’ve started to consider how I can celebrate the hobby more in the future.

There are a number of options here and there’s definitely a variation in scale that they can take however I’m not quite ready to share these here as there’s a lot of other stuff I want to focus on first before I start to really promote my plans for future celebrations.

Rather than just leaving it hanging there though, perhaps I can ask a favour of my readers by asking a few questions.

How do you celebrate your hobby?
What types of celebration do you enjoy most?
Why don’t we celebrate the hobby more?