Board Games I’ve bought but never played.

In my previous post I talked about 2 RPGs that sit on my shelves remaining unplayed.

In this post I talk about 2 Board Games that unfortunately suffer from the same lack of love and attention.

Zombies!!!! by Twilight Creations Inc. and available from your local game store.
I have actually played the game, just not my copy of it.  This was something I bought to use as a demo copy at KoA and it got a fair bit of play initially.  So trying to stick with the theme of the RPG post.

Why did I buy it?
Zombies as a story device are almost universally popular within the hobby.  Plus I know how popular this game is around the world so having a demo copy seemed like the right idea at the time.  Did it help us sell copies of Zombies!!! ?  Not exactly but the principle behind having demo copies stands as other games we did that with certainly helped to sell copies.

Why have I not played it?
This is a tough one as I genuinely don’t know.  If anything it was probably down to available time but that feels like a poor excuse.  I should qualify “play” though.  I have demo’d it and I have taken part in a game to get the players started on the rules before leaving them to it but I haven’t actually played that copy.

Will I play it now?
Again I don’t know.  Like a lot of things that remind me of how the 1st Chapter ended this game is probably tarnished for me.  It’s completely unfair for the game to be unplayed though as it’s a really fun game to play but it’s not on my “play pipeline”.

Stonehenge – An Anthology Board Game by Paizo/Titanic Games is apparently out of print but Paizo still have stock.
This is one of those games that’s a bit odd due to it being more than 1 game using the same components.

Why did I buy it?
Buying this was a mistake at the time.  I had heard a LOT of good things about this game and had looked to buy it but couldn’t find it through my FLGS and opted to not buy it online.  When it came to getting ready for opening KoA I opted to buy a copy for the shop but by the time we opened the game had gone out of print…  Really no point in demoing a game that you can’t sell so it sat unloved on the shelf.

Why have I not played it?
Definitely a case of a missed window of opportunity.  I should have bought it when I first wanted it as the impetus to play was there.  By the time I actually bought it there was no (business) reason to play it and as such it remains untouched.

Will I play it now?
Maybe.  I’m still intrigued by a game that has 5 different sets of rules of play.  Essentially it’s 5 games using the same components but the variety of games that can be played with it is definitely interesting.  Paizo / Titanic also released a bunch of other rules for the game through fans who played it and put them in a Stonehenge Library of games which expands the number of rulesets available by 42 (at time of writing).
I can see me playing it now as part of a games night with friends rather than as part of my regular gaming group.  Time will tell.