Birthday Post

2 posts in 1 day?  Well today is my birthday and with that in mind I wanted to talk about what I look forward to from my hobby over the next year.

Edge Of The Empire.  The new Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games.
There are some good looking (well it is FFG so they will be pretty) expansions / accessories for EotE.  I will likely get all of these when they come out.  In typical FFG fashion they are releasing high quality products and in particular are releasing scenarios.  Given the quality of the ones I’ve seen so far in the Beginner Game, FFG website and the Free RPG Day scenario I have no doubt that they will produce something worth buying.
In addition to the scenarios there will be a number of “archetype” expansions.  In general terms these will be books that give more detail and options for each of the archetypes.
Given that this game is looking like a key part of my 2nd Chapter I suspect that I will get all of the expansions and look forward to the 2 other core RPG books that FFG plan for release.
Some context – FFG plan to release 3 RPGs in the Star Wars universe.
The first of which is Edge Of The Empire – a “smugglers, bounty hunters, scum & villainy” RPG set in the Star Wars universe just after the Battle Of Yavin.
The second of which is due in 2014 – Age of Rebellion where characters will be rebel soldiers and freedom fighters working to defeat the Empire.
The third and final RPG is due in 2015 – Force and Destiny where characters will be Jedi Knights.

Sentinels Of The Multiverse.  The superhero card game from Greater Than Games.
Another game that has been a large part of enabling the 2nd Chapter.
There are new expansions planned for SotM but interestingly there’s also a Sci-Fi themed companion game called Galactic Strike Force which is due out in December/January which given the strength of the SotM gameplay I have high hopes that GSF will deliver the same.

Star Wars LCG.
There are a number of Deluxe Expansions planned for this one of which is named Balance Of The Force due out before the end of 2013.  This expansion will deliver further gameplay options including a “true” multi-player option which will expand the playability and I believe the appeal of the game.

What else?  Loads.  See the Tabletop Games market is something that is constantly refreshing and renewing it’s suite of games.  This refresh is geared towards a number of different showcase events/conventions on the Tabletop Games calendar.
Origins in June, Gencon in August and of particular significance in the Board Game market there is SPIEL in October.  There will be more games coming out that I will want to buy and I might just post about those too.