Best Four Days in Shopping erm Gaming!

I’m going to do a few posts on my experience at Gen Con but I thought I’d do a quick one on what I actually bought.  It’s safe to say that I bought a lot of stuff…

That pile doesn’t include any of the 12 (yes twelve) t-shirts that I bought when there too…

So what did I buy?

D&D Player’s Handbook and Hoard Of The Dragon Queen – These were actually bought at Downtown Comics in Indianapolis which was just round the corner from our apartment.  I picked up 4 D&D T-Shirts and 2 playmats at the con itself (no, I don’t really know why they have playmats or why I bought them… But they’ll be good for rolling dice on!).  The books are amazing to look at and I’ll have a follow up post about what I thought of the game itself in due course.

At Gen Con itself I bought –

Abyss – The artwork alone is just amazing. I’ve heard so much positive news about this game that I wanted to pick it up anyway but the art really sells it.
Battletech Alpha Strike Lance Sets (1 each of the Assault, Battle, Pursuit and Support sets) and Ad Hoc Unit Cards – +Greg and myself played in a game of Alpha Strike at Gen Con (future post on that) and I bought these afterwards. Some of the mechs are ones I already have but that just means I can field 2 Atlas’ if I want!!!  Just need to work out whether I’m going to paint them or not.  More on that later… Oh and I also bought a Battletech t-shirt.
Bigfootses – This was one of those games that I wasn’t sure about. A few people have said it’s a Munchkin clone and whilst I’m not a huge fan of Munchkin I do like this. Perhaps it’s the theme that sells me on it, I’m not sure but we played it at the airport on our way home and I enjoyed it.  Not entirely sure why it’s a 12+ game as I think it could be 10+ but it might simply be down to the hunting element of the game.
Car Wars Classic – A classic (hence the name!) reprint of one of those games from way back in the beginning of my hobby. I do expect to play this once in a while though as I remember it being a lot of fun and the stuff you get in the box warrants play i.e. the playmat maps alone make me want to go all Mad Max again plus with the new Mad Max film coming out I think Car Wars will be back with a bigger bang (edition) soon enough!
Cash & Guns (2nd Edition) – I played the original of this many years ago and it was always on my “to pick up” list as it’s a fun game.
Coup : Reformation expansion – Coup is a great little game and Reformation adds more flavour to that “universe” by incorporating themes that look to be lifted from The Resistance (another great game from Indie Boards & Cards Games) oh and it increases the number of players up to 10.
Dark Dungeons DVD – Went to the première of this on the Friday night and it was great fun.  Plus JR Ralls signed my copy of Mazes & Monsters which was very cool of him.
Dragon Slayer – Another Indie Boards & Cards Games game.  In a similar vein to dice games like Zombie dice but feels more intuitive as you have a Slayer set and a Dragon set which are rolled together in an attempt to slay one of 3 dragons (Green, Blue and Red).  Quick and lots of fun.
Lords Of Xidit – Same universe as Seasons but a very different looking game.  It’s based on a game called Himalaya (which I’ve never played) which was created by the same designer and as with a number of other games on my bought list the art is amazing.
Munchkin : Adventure Time – It’s a gift for my brother Allan and his family. They’re all Adventure Time crazy.  It means nothing to me.
Night Of The Grand Octopus (Link is in French) – Speaking of amazing art.  This is just gorgeous and I mean who doesn’t want to play a game with gorgeous art like this? It’s a game about summoning Cthulhu (The Grand Octopus) but it’s not dark in any sense.  I’m really looking forward to trying this one out.
RARRR!! – You could be forgiven for thinking that this is a King Of Tokyo clone but it’s not. Well not mechanically anyway.  The objective of the game is to make your own monster and then fight other monsters with it. Aimed at the younger market (8+) I really want to try this one out with my daughter.
Seasons : Path Of Destiny expansion – The most recent expansion for Seasons adds even more cards and some new mechanics.  It doesn’t add any more players though 🙁  I did however get a fabulous looking Seasons playmat for free! 🙂
Sentinel Tactics – My primary purchase at Gen Con was ALL OF THE THINGS for this.  So I picked up the Flames Of Freedom Core Game, Uprising Expansion 1 and both sets of miniatures. It looks fantastic and the booth for Greater Than Games was packed the whole con with people getting demos of this and other games.  I also managed to pick up a Sentinels Of The Multiverse T-Shirt. I expect to get these painted by someone else as I want them done properly so might get my Battletech mechs done at the same time too.  We’ll see.
T-Shirts – 6 other t-shirts were bought in addition to those already mentioned.  All of which were picked up from the Offworld Designs booth.
Shinobi Wat-Aah! – You may remember I had 2 Samurai games in my To Buy list?  Well I bought neither of those and ended up buying this one. I’ll admit it was amidst the panic and I was already at the Iello booth and obviously the art is amazing.
Zombie Dice 2 & 3 – I picked these up just because I was at the SJ Games booth to pick up Car Wars Classic and also Munchkin : Adventure Time.

I also bought a giant foam d20, some large 32mm polyhedral dice and a Gen Con dice bag.  The 2 books in the picture are novels written by R. A. Salvatore.  I was asked by some friends to get his signature but I’ll likely do a separate post about that experience!

Plus the eagle eye’d amongst you will have noticed the Anna and Elsa from Frozen dolls.  I’ve been trying to get these in the UK for my daughter for about 6 months to no avail as they’re constantly out of stock.  Popped into a toy store in the Circle Centre Shopping Mall which is next to the convention centre and picked up Elsa on the Wednesday and Anna on the Sunday (was out of stock on the Wednesday). Very excited and happy 7 year old daughter achieved, in addition to getting me home again too of course!

So yeah, a lot of shopping was done at Gen Con and safe to say I don’t expect I’ll be buying anything any time soon!