Are we there yet?

In the run up to Christmas 2012 Fantasy Flight Games released their Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire Beginner Game RPG.

At the same time Star Wars The Card Game LCG came out.  Having looked at the LCG offerings from FFG previously during the 1st Chapter I had never really been that interested in them.  Largely because none of the themes really grabbed me.  Star Wars however is completely different and so I picked that up too.

Back to the RPG though.  The Beginner Game is everything you need to play the new RPG.  Note I say play as you can’t create characters with it however FFG supplied 4 pre-generated characters in the Beginner Game and also supplied 2 other pre-generated characters in PDF format on their website.

I’ve owned every version of Star Wars in RPG format from the original West End Games editions through all of the editions produced by Wizards Of The Coast and I’ve enjoyed all of them for different reasons.  The primary reason though is that I find the Star Wars universe is easy to come up with story ideas.

The FFG version of the game is very different at first glance, not least of all the dice.  Once you get your head around them though it’s really not that different after all especially if you’re used to using dice pool mechanics.

I managed to get a group together at my Friday night gaming and we were off.  This was it.  This was what I needed.  Relaxed gaming with a mix of people I knew well and some I really didn’t know that well at all, as a group though it worked.
6 months of gaming later and the full edition of the RPG is now out.  The players want to play it more and I’m keen to run it more so we’re going to go through the character creation process in a couple of weeks time.  Some of the players want to migrate their Beginner Game character over but others want to start from scratch.  To maintain balance across the party I’m going to give them the XP earned as additional points to create their characters.  If nothing else it’ll give them a connection to the storyline already played through.
So am I back to enjoying my gaming and is the 2nd Chapter up and running?  Almost.  Almost…